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The Management Board of KKS Turów Zgorzelec S.A. decided not to cooperate with the current first team coach, Michael Claxton. The club from Zgorzelec would like to thank the American for his work last season and wishes him good luck in his further career development.

Michael Claxton began working at PGE Turów Zgorzelec in the 2016/2017 season. At the time, he played the role of assistant in the coaching staff throughout the entire competition. November 28, 2017, after the departure of Mathias Fischer to German Walters Tigers, the American took the position of the first coach of the team.

- I was very lucky that during the season I got the chance to take over the team as first coach. I don't regret any moment and even one second despite the challenges and problems that were the changes of the players, the coach and the club's president at the beginning of the season. I am happy with the work we have done together as a club and team. I intend to use the experience gained here in the future. I believe that we have succeeded because we kept together all the time. I am proud that it was possible to get the best out of the whole team, not just from individual players - admits Michael Claxton.

Last season was for the American the debut as the first high level class coach. So far, his greatest success on the coach bench was in 2015, when together with the team S.C. Rist Wedel won the vice-championship of the Pro-B league. Despite the relatively small experience, Michael Claxton as the first coach for three years led PGE Turów to play in the playoffs. Under his leadership, PGE Turow won a total of 12 of the 25 games played.

- I didn't have previous experience in team training at this level, but basketball is basketball. Of course,if the higher, the more details and differences in athletism and strength, but my approach to the game and philosophy don't change. One of the things that I've met is how much the Polish league is balances from the first to the last team. If I had to go back, I would definitely focus more on the middle phases of matches, because in the games we should win, one or two holds were decided abot win. I believe that we had the potential to occupy a higher place in the table than the eighth - admits the 42-year-old.

- From the beginning of my work at PGE Turów, I felt very comfortable in Zgorzelec together with my whole family. I was treated well by fans and the entire local community. I looked for a chance to build something big based on the local basketball traditions and the culture of winning. I respect the club's decisions, but I don't hide my disappointment at the same time. However, I intend to concentrate on the next step in my professional career, and in the meantime make up for lost time with my family.

- At the moment, it's difficult to tell what career direction I will take. I intend to continue working at the highest level as possible. I want to cooperate with professionals. I proved that I am able to lead the team to successes at this basketball level. I hope that another club will notice it in me and give me a chance to start a new chapter - adds Michael Claxton.

The reasons for the decision not to continue cooperation with an American trainer are explained by Mirosław Kabała, President of PGE Turow Zgorzelec:

- After two seasons of non-existence in the play-off, this year's promotion to the quarterfinals should be treated as a sport progress category. However, I believe that the team with this players could afford promotion to the playoff before the last game of the main round. On the one hand, we defeated class teams from the top of the table on our own floor, but on the other hand we were losing equally important for us matches with Asseco Gdynia, GTK Gliwice, AZS Koszalin or Trefl Sopot.

- We appreciate the work of coach Michael Claxton, because he undertook to take over the team in a difficult time for it. Mike is at the beginning of his professional career, and we are going to entrust the team to a coach with slightly more experience, other assumptions, philosophy and style. With coach Claxton, we gave each other our hands and we part ways in agreement. We wish him luck in developing his career.


Thank you Mike!

The Management Board of KKS Turów Zgorzelec S.A. decided not to cooperate with the current first team coach, Michael Claxton.…


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