Proud despite the lost

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PGE Turow Zgorzelec basketball players lost the third quarterfinals game with Anwil Włocławek 72:93 and dropped out of the playoffs, finishing the season in eighth place. "I am proud of what we all achieved together," said coach Michael Claxton despite the defeat.

Although the final result of the third quarter-final game with Anwil Włocławek may not indicate this, the PGE Turow Zgorzelec players once again left their hearts on the floor.

- It wasn't supposed to look like that. We lacked physicality in positions 1 to 3, when Hosley, Zyskowski and Almeida were leaving. Thanks to this, the inhabitants from Włocławek gained a lot of points from the basket. The result doesn't reflect our game, because we gave it our best - commented Bartosz Bochno, captain of PGE Turow Zgorzelec.

In the third quarter the Black and Greens were losing by 21 points, but thanks to the offensive performance of Robert Skibniewski (15 points, 6/7 from the field) they were able to level the advantage of Anwil to just 8 points (68:60) at the beginning of the last quater. The Kujawy team quickly extinguished the revived hopes of the Zgorzelec supporters. Quinton Hosley came in from the distance, two of them were taken by Kamil Łączyński, Josip Sobin showed off with effective hooks and the guests again gained over 20 points advantage.

- Respect for Anwil. They deserved to win in this series. Unfortunately, they were stronger than us in many elements of the game. To be honest, if you look at both sets from top to bottom, ours is not on the same level as Anwil. However, we tried to make up for our gaps by heart, fight, engagement and team play - admitted coach Michael Claxton.

- Unfortunately, the Anwil ended series in such and no other way. I wish that we would give our fans even more excitement, because we received really great support from them - the American continued.

The PGE Turow trainer, despite the rapid ending of the series with Anwil, however, was proud of what he and the team he had taken over during the season, managed to achieve as a coach-debutant.

- I can't believe that is the end of the season. I would like to have another match. It was a really long journey together. I am proud of what we all achieved together. During the season it looked like we were going the wrong way, but at the end we achieved some great things: we qualified to play-off for the first time in three years, we won with all the teams in the league and for the first time in three seasons we defeated Stelmet. So there are many elements that we can enjoy - he admitted.

- Nothing is decided yet, but I would like to continue my career at PGE Turów and base my work on what we have done in this competition. Of course, between seasons, players change clubs, but I am part of this community and Zgorzelec is the place where I want to stay - Michael Claxton said.

Completed for PGE Turow the season can be considered in terms of success. Despite the changing of the first coach and changes in the composition (departure of Myles Mack, Francis Han, coming of Rod Camphor), the black and green were able to win the promotion to play-off and beat all leading Energa Basket Liga teams on their own floor. Although only a few weeks ago, PGE Turów was crossed out of the top eight, it proved to be an impressive finish of the main round, that they deserved to play in the quarterfinals.

- During the season there were many ups and downs. A lot has happened as far as the changes of coaches and players are concerned. We already had such a hole that we were losing against the teams that shouldn't have happened, and then we won against the best. We are most happy that we didn't give up until the last game - Bartosz Bochno analyzed.

- We returned to the play-off and let it all go the steps on the steps forward. I would like to thank all the boys, coaches and supporters because we really felt their support. Everyone expected this play-off, but nobody said we had to do it. We gave a lot of fans and I am grateful to them for cheering and nice words.

PGE Turów Zgorzelec - Anwil Włocławek 72:93 (13:19, 16:23, 26:26, 17:25)

PGE Turow: Robert Skibniewski 15, Camron Ayers 12, Brad Waldow 12, Rod Camphor 9, Bartosz Bochno 6, Karolis Petrukonis 6, Jacek Jarecki 4, Jakub Patoka 4, Kacper Borowski 4, Stefan Balmazović 0.

Anwil: Kamil Łączyński 20, Paweł Leończyk 16, Jakub Wojciechowski 11, Josip Sobin 10, Quinton Hosley 9, Michał Nowakowski 6, Jarosław Zyskowski 5, Ivan Almeida 5, Jaylin Airington 4, Mario Ihring 4, Ante Delas 3, Damian Ciesielski 0.


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