To feel the power of our arena

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PGE Turow's basketball players in the third play-off game with Anwil Włocławek want to use the advantage of their own arena and intend to do everything to extend the quarterfinal series.

Nobody in the team from the border city thinks about today's match as the last in the 2017/2018 season. The players of the coach Michael Claxton go back to their home, to PGE Turów Arena, in which, with the support of their audience, they feel exceptionally strong and have repeatedly proved that they are able to climb to the heights of their abilities. This confirms not only the style of the game, but also the numbers. Only 3 of 16 matches have been lost on their own parquet: with MKS, Asseco and Trefl. In the border city the whole head of Energa Basket Liga fell: BM Slam Stal, Polski Cukier Toruń, Stelmet Enea BC, Rosa Radom and ... also Anwil Włocławek.

PGE Turow basketball players in many moments of the first two quarter-final games showed that they can play with Anwil as equal and equal. At the same time, they gave the inhabitants of Włocławek the opportunity to build an advantage among others due to too many losses, misses from under the basket and lack of a good set up of a protected board. A large part of these elements were significantly improved by Zgorzelec in game number 2 and it seems that they will play a key role again.

To really think about extending the quarter-final series, the hosts should not only limit the actions of Ivan Almeida, but to play better under the hoops. Defenders of Anwil proved that they can successfully stop the shooting canons of Cameron Ayers and Stefan Balmazović from a distance, so that the black and green must have more options to play in the attack, for example in the form of effective maneuvers of Brad Waldow and Karolis Petrukonis.

The third start of PGE Turow Zgorzelec with Anwil Włocławek on Tuesday at 20.00. Sale of tickets at the PGE Turów Arena ticket office from 18.00.


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