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The PGE Turow basketball players won with Polpharma Starogard Gdański 88:76 and in good style stopped a series of losses in a row. - It was a match to regain the respect of the local community for the team, our game and the history of this club - admitted coach Michael Claxton.

- Balmazović caused us a lot of problems. We were preparing for him, but it is very difficult to stop him when he has his day - admitted after the final siren Milija Bogicević, coach of Polpharma Starogard Gdański. His compatriot, player of PGE Turow, 16 of his 21 points already scored in the first half, scoring 2 out of three casts from a distance.

- We defeated Polpharma as a team. In the first half I was in the gas, but in the second was Cameron Ayers. The rest of the boys joined  for example Brad Waldow and Robert Skibniewski - Balmazović later granted modesty, but also it is difficult to disagree with him, because in addition to the players he has mentioned, Rod Camphor and Karolis Petrukonis also scored important throws. In total, 5 competitors of PGE Turow completed this duel with a two-digit point achievement.

- When we play together, it is difficult for rivals to stop us. We need to use it in next games, show ambitions and fight for play-offs. We said that we have to give a hundred percent of ourselves, that we have nothing to lose. I believe that we controlled this game for 40 minutes. Polpharma is a good team, they defeated us in the first clash, so for sure this victory will give us confidence - added Balmazović.

Black and greens allowed Devils to lead in the Sunday game for only 35 seconds. The players of the coach Michael Claxton started from running 14:4 and it was them, despite the spurts of Starogard members (eg in the form of three threes of Marcin Flieger in the fourth quarter), they had the initiative in the attack all the time. - Today it was all about making us a team again. It was a difficult week. We crumbled to pieces on Wednesday in Dąbrowa Górnicza, but we got stuck and showed a real team effort, especially in defense - emphasized Claxton.

- It was a match to regain the respect of the local community for the team, our game and the history of this club. We not gonna stop now. We must give ourselves a chance to play in the playoffs. It's no mystery that the team fight gives you the best chance to win in team sports - continued coach of PGE Turow.

The team from the border city interrupted this victory with a series of three defeats while maintaining a real chance of being promoted to the top eight of the league.

- We believe all the time that we will achieve this goal, which is the play-off game. Thank you to all the fans who came to support us and still believe in us. We don't give up and we are still fighting - admitted Robert Skibniewski.

PGE Turów Zgorzelec - Polpharma Starogard Gdański 88:76 (32:24, 20:23, 21:15, 15:14)

PGE Turow: Stefan Balmazović 21, Cameron Ayers 13, Rod Camphor 11, Brad Waldow 11, Karolis Petrukonis 10, Kacper Borowski 9, Jakub Patoka 6, Robert Skibniewski 4, Jacek Jarecki 2, Bartosz Bochno 1.

Polpharma: Marcin Flieger 19, Joe Thomasson 16, Nikola Jeftić 13, Milan Milovanović 9, Daniel Gołębiowski 8, Thomas Davis 7, Jakub Schenk 4, Aleksandar Radukić 0, Piotr Dąbrowski 0.


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