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March 18 at 18:00 PGE Turow Zgorzelec will play again for a noble purpose. In PGE Turów Arena will be not only  the fight for the victory over Polpharma Starogard Gdański, but also for a faster recovery of Kacper Szalkowski.

Kacper Szalkowski is an 11-year-old inhabitant of Zgorzelec, in whom, in the seventh month of his life, doctors diagnosed the delay of psycho-motor development. An additional problem are his legs. Kacperek is a silent child with a severe disability. Recently, after consulting with a specialist in Children's Psychiatry, it turned out that she is also a child with deep autism. Despite the obstacles that fate puts him in the way of being a very cheerful, smiling and energetic child, which also gives him basketball.

- In the seventh month of Kacper's life, doctors found a delay in psycho-motor development. From that moment, visits to doctors began. Magnetic resonance of the head showed that the corpus callosum Kacpra is damaged, which means that all patches responsible for speech, thinking and concentration are underdeveloped. After consultations with a psychiatrist, children's autism was also found - says Magdalena Szalkowska, mother of Kacper.

- At the beginning we fought a long battle for Kacper to sit, then crawl, because he crawled, because his body is flaccid. It has no calf muscles, one hip is sprained and the other has jumped out of the hip. The first operation consisted of an osteotomy that corrected the right femur and prolonged Achilles tendons, the second affected the left femur, and the third was based on pulling the metal anastomoses from both hips. In the New Year three years ago, Kacper made a surprise for me and took the first steps, which was the effect of hard rehabilitation - she adds.

The players of PGE Turow visited Kacper twice in the current season, making him quite a surprise. In October, Bartosz Bochno and Cameron Ayers brought with them a huge basket of goodies, while in January Rod Camphor and Jakub Patoka presented Kacper with gifts from Spalding in the form of a ball and pendrive.

- Kacper is an autistic child, so he didn't quite understand what was going on around him. The first time he was surprised, because new people appeared at home, but now he recognizes basketball players, especially Bartosz Bochno. The second time was joy, antics and fun. It's very nice that someone so selflessly comes, visits and is able to make a smile on Kacper's face, although it is not easy, because the emotions are usually screaming and screeching - admits Kacper mother.

Thanks to his persistence, and above all thanks to the work of physiotherapists and specialists, Kacper made great progress. Already today, he moves around the house, walks, makes contact with the world around him and his loved ones, reacts to commands, tries to show what and what he wants, shows emotions and feelings.

- Kacper has the valgus of the right foot. If this rate is not operated up to the age of 12, then there will be no rescue and Kacper will drive until the end of his life on the wheelchair. We are fighting to get rid of orthopedic shoes so that he can climb the stairs by himself. This operation will be carried out this year in Krakow. It will be an ankle transplant with the screws screwed into the foot, which will be pulled out after a year. My son also has hypersensitivity to the feet, which means he does not put the heels straight, but he cuts his fingers. The rate is getting worse, and this is the last chance to operate it - continues Magdalena Szalkowska.

- Currently, the cost of rehabilitation is about PLN 1,000 a month. After the operation, the feet will need to be rehabilitated every day, and this will amount to about 2,000 zlotys. Kacper has been rehabilitated for 11 years. I know that if it wasn't for this rehabilitation, we would not get the success we already have. The stage after the operation will be very important so that we have the funds so that we don't have to worry and that Kacper should have the rehabilitation he needs - he adds.

PGE Turow Zgorzelec fans have already proved that their hearts can kill really hard. For the last time, Julita Dec, who was seriously ill, became convinced this last year. During the #GramyDlaJulity campaign, black and green fans were collected during the match as well as during online auctions, in total over 11,000. zlotys!

On March 18, the players of coach Michael Claxton will play twice again: on the court for the victory over Polpharma Starogard Gdański, and in the stands for the health of Kacper Szalkowski. Throughout the match in PGE Turów Arena, volunteers will be asked. Bargains of exceptional attractions have also begun, including t-shirts from Flip Dylewicz, bowling tournament with PGE Turow players, VIP lounge. or performances in front of TVT Zgorzelec.


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