King won with PGE Turow

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Great actions by Kacper Borowski and spectacular dunks of Brad Waldow and Jakub Patoka were not enough to defeat King Szczecin. Wolves won with aurochs 75:66.

Bad 0/13 in long-distance shots didn't prevent the King Szczecin team from winning an important match in the context of the fight for promotion to the play-off round. The players of head coach Mindaugas Budzinauskas, however, definitely won the competition for the rebounds (46:31) and much more often stood on the free-throw line (27/31 to 11/18). The hosts also showed a hard defense, which prevented the black-and-green organization of the positional attack and caused considerable difficulties especially when they doubled the high player with the ball. And Martynas Paliukenas, who boldly played in the attack, had already dropped 12 points and thanks to him, King was leading 44:34.

For the next 20 minutes, PGE Turow chased its rivals - at times, very spectacularly thanks to the dunks of Brad Waldow, Jakub Patoka and Kacper Borowski. The last of them showed off with two foul actions, and the whole match ended with 17 points.

In the third quarter, PGE Turow even scored a 7-0 series, approached the rivals for 3 "eyes" and had a shot for the draw - unfortunately missed. Wolves were no longer able to catch up with aurochs and their victory meant that the fight for playoffs will be even more balanced now. 

King Szczecin - PGE Turów Zgorzelec 75:66 (19:17, 25:17, 16:18, 15:14)

King: Carlos Medlock 16, Martynas Paliukenas 16, Paweł Kikowski 11, Łukasz Diduszko 10, Darrell Harris 10, Kyle Benjamin 6, Tauras Jogela 6, Sebastian Kowalczyk 0.

PGE Turów: Cameron Ayers 17, Kacper Borowski 17, Brad Waldow 9, Stefan Balmazović 9, Rod Camphor 5, Bartosz Bochno 4, Jakub Patoka 4, Karolis Petrukonis 1, Jacek Jarecki 0, Robert Skibniewski 0.

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