PGE Turow will play for Julita!

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February 10 at 18:00 PGE Turow Zgorzelec will play with Polski Cukier Toruń not only for the victory, but also for a faster recovery of Julita Dec! During the match in PGE Turów Arena there will be a fundraiser, and for the fans there will be bids for unique attractions. - It will be interesting not only on the pitch - says Bartosz Bochno, black and green captain.February 10 at 18:00 PGE Turow Zgorzelec will play with Polski Cukier Toruń not only for the victory, but also for a faster recovery of Julita Dec! During the match in PGE Turów Arena there will be a fundraiser, and for the fans we prepared also unique attractions. - It will be interesting not only on the court - says Bartosz Bochno, black and green's captain.

Julita Dec at the age of 20 went to the hospital with a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, which caused brain damage after hypoxia and sudden cardiac arrest. The illness caused that the joyful, active, dream-filled student of the Wrocław University of Technology was chained to the wheelchair and now is 100% dependent on other people.

As soon as the basketball routes reached us information that Julita wants to go to our game, we decided not only to make it easier, but also to support her further treatment. On the 10th of February, during the game between PGE Turow and Polski Cukier Torun, we collect money and auction attractive gadgets! Thanks to the support of the #PlayForJulita action by Zgorzelec and Wrocław entrepreneurs, a real windfall awaits fans also during exceptional online auctions! Bartosz Bochno reveals the secret.

- On February 10, we're playing not only for two league points, but also to help Julita Dec in returning to full health. During the match there will be a fundraiser and interesting auctions in which you can win: practice with the team, personal training with my wife, Beata Bochno, who is a bronze medalist of the Polish Championships in Fitness Siletette, as well as dinner with your favourite player in Szarlotka z Rumieńcem. There are many attractions waiting for us and I think it will be interesting not only on the floor, but also in the stands, where we can collect some money for further treatment of Julita - says the excited captain of PGE Turow.

And this is not the end of attractions! The VIP lounge founded by the Mayor of the City of Zgorzelec with catering from Bazylia Pizza & Pasta for the selected PGE Turowa game, gym training with Turow and passes from the Strefa Ruchu, the opportunity to watch the match from the perspective of the bench, as well as the music and bartending power experiences from Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant. There are even more surprises, so you should look at the full list of auctions, which is at the end of the article and choose the best option for yourself. You are having fun and fulfilling your fan dreams, and the whole fundraising goes to the rehabilitation and treatment of Julita!

- We are very grateful to PGE Turow Zgorzelec! When Julita found out about the club's action, she was extremely happy about it. She always cheered our team and personally knew many basketball players. In addition, the prestige of PGE Turow is so invaluable that is very ennobling to us - admits Anna Dec, Julita's mother.

On February 10, Julita will be with us at PGE Turów Arena and will sit right next to the basketball floor. Tickets for the match were given to her personally by Kacper Borowski, and Jacek Jarecki and Bartosz Bochno provided Julita with the necessary fan accessories: a scarf and a match replica with the favorite number of Julita: twenty.

- Julita is full of joy! She is a positive person and I think that each of us has got a nice contact with her. I hope that she spent a nice time with us, just like we did with her - adds Bartosz Bochno.

And what's up now with Julita? Anna Dec tells us about the beginning of illness, treatment and advances in rehabilitation:

Julita was a very healthy child because she was never ill, she always had a hundred percent attendance, and antibiotics practically didn't exist for her. After the first year of study at the Wrocław University of Technology, she came home for holidays. One morning she collapsed, fell over, and I couldn't revive her. The hospital has begun resuscitation. After the tomography, it turned out that Julita had a lung embolism caused by thrombosis. After all this incident, Julita didn't wake up from a pharmacological coma, she was in a coma, and then we learned that she was suffering from thrombophilia, which causes blood hypercoagulability.

Disability affected Julita hundred percent. She lost her eyesight, which is necessary to continue her studies at her beloved University, and because of quadriplegia, she doesn't walk and doesn't move her hands properly. She has learned to speak decently, but we also work on it all the time. The only thing that is untouched, and even perfect, is her mind and the sense of "I am here and now." Julita can even watch movies without audio description. The current intelligence is better than before the illness.

Julita began rehabilitation from total zero. At first she didn't even move her fingers, she didn't have facial expressions, she didn't blink and now she is very persistent in learning. For tears, for crying, but all the time hard working in particular to walk. We don't have stabilization yet, but the pattern is quite correct. When we found out she doesn't see, we immediately looked for ophthalmologists. It turns out that with the illness that affects Julita, the organ of sight is not damaged, but her brain doesn't know what her eyes are seeing. The model therapist has been dealing with it for over a year and the effects are very large. At the present moment, he must increasingly be guessing what she sees. There are situations in which I am surprised because she see things that I don't see. 

I don't conceal that the costs of treatment are not small. Julita can't go anywhere alone, she has to be with me everywhere, because she needs twenty-four-hour care. Three-week rehabilitation trip costs about 10-12 thousand zloties. In addition, in summer, we submitted documents for stem cell therapy. This is a medical experiment. Julita will most likely have 10 infusions of stem cells into the bloodstream or into the cerebrospinal fluid. The first infusion will cost PLN 19,700, and the it wil be 10l inflow. If we will be not able to afford it, we will have to stop it. Our work may at some point not bring results anymore, that's why we are looking for alternatives. The brain has unlimited possibilities, but you have to support it.

We #PlayForJulity and you?

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